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Student Research Projects

Using capillary barrier effects to limit water infiltration into the waste rock piles : Development of a 3D physical model in the laboratory
AIT KHOUIA, Abdeljalil, 2016

Numerical evaluation of the pseudostatic method for dams and tailings impoundments with respect to east coast earthquakes
Arbaiza, Angie, 2014

Evaluation of the dynamic behavior of tailings in various states of consolidation and saturation
Archambault-Alwin, Xavier, 2016

Recycling  the upper Moulouya mining wastes as construction materials
Argane, Rabei, 2014

Plantation design optimisation to improve tree anchorage in mine waste slopes soil covers
Babi, Khadija, 2014

Study of the microclimatic and soil conditions associated to agronomic herbaceous plants to enable natural recruitment of boreal tree species on mine tailings.
Barrette, Dominique, 2016

Relevancy of extractions tests in the prediction of the geochemical behavior of mining wastes.
Bassolé, Moubié Richard, 2014

Origin and distribution of arsenic in fractured bedrock aquifers of the Canadian Shield in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region (Québec, Canada)
Bondu, Raphaël, 2014

Natural recruitment of boreal forest trees in semi-exotic hybrid poplar plantations on mine waste rock slopes in relation to tree spacing and planting stock type
Bouchard, Hugo, 2014

Assessment of drainage and consolidation of fine-grained tailings close to a waste rock inclusion with field data
Boudrias, Gabrielle, 2016