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Le créneau « mines et environnement » a fortement orienté le développement de la recherche dans le secteur minier à l’Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) ainsi qu’à Polytechnique Montréal au cours des dernières années. La qualité des publications reflète bien l’expertise et le savoir-faire des chercheurs de l’Institut. Plusieurs découvertes issues des travaux de recherche de l’IRME UQAT-Polytechnique s’intègrent d’ailleurs aujourd’hui aux pratiques minières au Québec, de même qu’ailleurs au Canada et sur la planète.

Institut de recherche en mines et environnement UQAT-Polytechnique

  • Field performance of fully grouted piezometers installed in the Ste-Marthe clay deposit, Quebec
    Marefat, V., Duhaime, F., Chapuis, R.P., Le Borgne, V. (2017)
    Proc 70th Can Geotech Conf, Ottawa
  • Controlling water infiltration in waste rock piles: Design, construction, and monitoring of a large-scale in-situ pilot test pile
    Martin, V., Bussière, B., Plante, B., Pabst, T., Aubertin, M., Medina, F., Bréard Lanoix, M.L., Dimech, A., Dubuc, J., Poaty, B., Wu, R., McKenzie, J., Broda, S., Chen, D. (2017)
    GeoOttawa 2017, October 1-4
  • An empirical analytical solution for estimating the elastic stresses around typical mine stopes for the Mathews-Potvin stability analyses
    Pagé, P., Li, L., Simon, R. (2017)
    GeoOttawa 2017. CGS
  • An analytical solution to evaluate the evolution of the water table and pore water pressure in stopes with hydraulic fill
    Yang, P.Y., Li, L. (2017)
    GeoOttawa 2017. CGS
  • Stress ratios in entire mine stopes with cohesionless backfill: A numerical study
    Yang, P.Y., Li, L., Aubertin, M. (2017)
    MDPI Minerals, 7, 201; doi:10.3390/min7100201
  • Numerical shape factors for field permeability tests in unconfined aquifers
    Zhang, L., Chapuis, R.P. (2017)
    Proc. 70th Can Geotech Conf, Ottawa, Oct. 1-4, paper 663, 8 p.
  • Biot analysis of deformations during variable-head field permeability tests in soft soils
    Duhaime, F., Chapuis, R.P. (2017)
    Proc 19th ICSMGE, Seoul, Korea, Sept. 17-22, 6 p.
  • Numerical analyses of the earth pressure coefficient along the vertical centerline in mine stopes with cohesionless backfill
    Yang, P.Y., Li, L., Aubertin, M. (2017)
    Proc. 19th Int. Conf. Soil Mech. Geotech. Eng, Seoul, September 17-22.
  • Effect of agronomic herbaceous plants on mine tailings structure and on the establishment of boreal forest tree seedlings
    Barrette D., Guittonny-Larchevêque M, Brais S. (2017)
    The 3rd Conference Restoring Forests: Regeneration and
    Ecosystem function for the future, Lund, Suède, 12-14 septembre
  • Effect of material variability and compacted layers on transfer processes in heterogeneous waste rock piles
    Lahmira, B., Lefebvre, R., Aubertin, M., Bussière, B. (2017)
    Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 204, 66-78

Chaire industrielle CRSNG Polytechnique-UQAT en environnement et gestion des rejets miniers

  • Design, construction, and preliminary performance of an insulation cover with capillary barrier effects at Meadowbank mine, Nunavut
    Boulanger-Martel, V., Bussière, B., Côté, J., Gagnon, P. (2017)
    GeoOttawa 2017, October 1-4
  • Laboratory and field study of oxygen flux and hydrogeological behaviour of monolayer covers made of low sulfide tailings combined with an elevated water table placed over acid-generating mine tailings.
    Rey, N.J., Demers, I., Bussière, B., Mbonimpa, M., Lortie, S. (2017)
    GeoOttawa 2017
  • Integrated environemental management of pyrrhotite tailings at Raglan Mine: Part 1 challenges of desulphurizationprocess and reactivity prediction
    Benzaazoua, M., Bouzahzah, H., Taha, Y&., Kormos, L., Kambombo, D., Lessrd. F., Bussière, B., Demers, I., Kongolo, M. (2017)
    Journal of Cleaner Production (JCLEPRO-D-17-00270R1), Vol. 162, 20, p. 86-95
  • Three-dimensional hydrogeological modelling to assess the elevated water table technique for controlling acid generation from an abandoned tailings site
    Ethier, M.-P., Bussière, B., Broda, S., Aubertin, M. (2017)
    Hydrogeology Journal, accepted with revision.
  • Assessment of desulphurized tailings as cover materials to control oxygen migration: a column test study for cold climatic conditions
    Lessard, F., Bussière, B., Côté J., Benzaazoua M., Boulanger-Martel, V., Marcoux L. (2017)
    Submitted to Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Performance evaluation of equipment used for volumetric water content measurements
    Maqsoud, A., Gervais, P., Bussière, B., Le Borgne, V. (2017)
    WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, 13, 27-32
  • Influence of frozen conditions on the oxygen diffusion coefficient in unsaturated porous materials
    Nyameogo, G., Mbonimpa, M., Bussière, B., Awoh, A. S. (2017)
    Submitted to Acta Geotechnica
  • Iron removal in highly contaminated acid mine drainage using passive biochemical reactors
    Genty, T., Bussière, B., Benzaazoua, M., Neculita, C.N., Zagury L.G. (2017)
    Water Science and Technology, wst2017362
  • Isotopic evidence of passive mineral carbonation in mine wastes from the Dumont Nickel Project (Abitibi, Quebec)
    Gras, A., Beaudoin, G., Molson J., Plante, B., Bussière, B., Lemieux, J.M., Dupont, P.P. (2017)
    International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 60, 10-23
  • In situ evaluation of the performance of the reclamation measures implemented on an abandoned reactive tailings disposal site
    Ethier, M.-P., Bussière, B., Aubertin, M., Maqsoud, A., Demers, I., Pabst, T. (2017)
    Canadian Geotechnical Journal (accepted with revision).