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In recent years, the field of "mines and environment" strongly guided the development of research in the mining sector at Université du Québec en Abitibi en Témiscamingue (UQAT) and Polytechnique Montreal. The variety and quality of the scientific publications is reflecting the expertise and know-how of the Institute’s researchers. Several of the RIME UQAT-Polytechnique developments have been integrated in today’s mining practices in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere around the world.

Research Institute on Mines and the Environment UQAT-Polytechnique

  • Treatment of manganese in neutral and acid mine drainage using modified dolomite
    Calugaru, I.L., Genty, T., Neculita, C.M. (2018)
    International Journal of Environmental Impacts 1(4): 1-11.
  • Effect of hydraulic retention time on the microbial community in biochemical passive reactors during treatment of acid mine drainage
    Vasquez, Y., Escobar, M.C., Saez, J., Quiceno-Vallejo, M.F., Neculita, C.M., Arbeli, Z., Roldan, F. (2018)
    Bioresource Technology 247: 624-632. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biortech.2017.09.144
  • Determination of point of zero charge of natural organic substrates
    Bakatula, E., Richard, D., Neculita, C.M., Zagury, G.J. (2017)
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research (en corrections)
  • Treatment of iron-rich acid mine drainage in column biochemical reactors
    Genty, T., Bussière, B., Benzaazoua, M., Neculita, C.M., Zagury, G.J. (2017)
    Mine Water and the Environment (en attente de l’acceptation).
  • Integrated environmental management of pyrrhotite tailings at Raglan Mine: Part 2 desulphurized tailings as cover material
    Lessard, F., Bussière, B., Côté J., Benzaazoua M., Boulanger-Martel, V., Marcoux L. (2017)
    Journal of Cleaner Production (submitted).
  • Shooting range contamination: mobility and transport of lead (Pb), copper (Cu) and antimony (Sb) in contaminated peatland
    Okkenhaug, G., Botnen Smebye, A., Pabst, T., Amundsen, C.E., Sævarsson, H., Breedveld, G.D. (2017)
    Journal of Soils and Sédiments, pp 1–14 (DOI 10.1007/s11368-017-1739-8).
  • Coupled hydrogeological and geochemical assessment of mine cover performance to prevent acid mine drainage from pre-oxidized tailings
    Pabst, T., Bussière, B., Aubertin, A., Molson, J. (2017)
    Journal of Contaminant Hydrology (soumis)
  • Scale effect assessment of passive multi-step systems and new design criteria for the treatment of iron-rich acid mine drainage
    Rakotonimaro, T.V., Neculita, C.M., Bussière, B., Genty, T., Zagury, G.J. (2017)
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research (soumis, 8 août)
  • Characterization of self-weight consolidation of tailings using moisture sensors
    Saleh-Mbemba, F., Aubertin, M. (2017)
    ASTM-Geotechnical Testing Journal (paper with recommendations).
  • Above- and belowground development of a fast-growing willow planted in acid-generating mine technosol
    Guittonny-Larchevêque M, Lortie S. (2017)
    Journal of Environmental Quality, doi:10.2134/jeq2017.03.0128 (sous-presse)

Industrial NSERC Polytechnique-UQAT Chair in Environment and mine wastes management

  • Design, construction, and preliminary performance of an insulation cover with capillary barrier effects at Meadowbank mine, Nunavut
    Boulanger-Martel, V., Bussière, B., Côté, J., Gagnon, P. (2017)
    GeoOttawa 2017, October 1-4
  • Laboratory and field study of oxygen flux and hydrogeological behaviour of monolayer covers made of low sulfide tailings combined with an elevated water table placed over acid-generating mine tailings.
    Rey, N.J., Demers, I., Bussière, B., Mbonimpa, M., Lortie, S. (2017)
    GeoOttawa 2017
  • Integrated environemental management of pyrrhotite tailings at Raglan Mine: Part 1 challenges of desulphurizationprocess and reactivity prediction
    Benzaazoua, M., Bouzahzah, H., Taha, Y&., Kormos, L., Kambombo, D., Lessrd. F., Bussière, B., Demers, I., Kongolo, M. (2017)
    Journal of Cleaner Production (JCLEPRO-D-17-00270R1), Vol. 162, 20, p. 86-95
  • Three-dimensional hydrogeological modelling to assess the elevated water table technique for controlling acid generation from an abandoned tailings site
    Ethier, M.-P., Bussière, B., Broda, S., Aubertin, M. (2017)
    Hydrogeology Journal, accepted with revision.
  • Assessment of desulphurized tailings as cover materials to control oxygen migration: a column test study for cold climatic conditions
    Lessard, F., Bussière, B., Côté J., Benzaazoua M., Boulanger-Martel, V., Marcoux L. (2017)
    Submitted to Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Performance evaluation of equipment used for volumetric water content measurements
    Maqsoud, A., Gervais, P., Bussière, B., Le Borgne, V. (2017)
    WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, 13, 27-32
  • Influence of frozen conditions on the oxygen diffusion coefficient in unsaturated porous materials
    Nyameogo, G., Mbonimpa, M., Bussière, B., Awoh, A. S. (2017)
    Submitted to Acta Geotechnica
  • Iron removal in highly contaminated acid mine drainage using passive biochemical reactors
    Genty, T., Bussière, B., Benzaazoua, M., Neculita, C.N., Zagury L.G. (2017)
    Water Science and Technology, wst2017362
  • Isotopic evidence of passive mineral carbonation in mine wastes from the Dumont Nickel Project (Abitibi, Quebec)
    Gras, A., Beaudoin, G., Molson J., Plante, B., Bussière, B., Lemieux, J.M., Dupont, P.P. (2017)
    International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 60, 10-23
  • In situ evaluation of the performance of the reclamation measures implemented on an abandoned reactive tailings disposal site
    Ethier, M.-P., Bussière, B., Aubertin, M., Maqsoud, A., Demers, I., Pabst, T. (2017)
    Canadian Geotechnical Journal (accepted with revision).